So long, and thanks for all the fish

Today was my last day at Microsoft.  Monday I start as a contractor working for Lockheed Martin on their Prepar3d program.  Hopefully I can also find some time soon to finish up the managed SimConnect client.

Tim “Beatle” Gregson


… Long live ESP

Well, not exactly.  I missed the press release back in May, but Lockheed Martin has finally announced their Prepar3d product, based on the ESP code they licensed from Microsoft.  See the Lockheed Martin Press Release for more information.

Tim “Beatle” Gregson

ESP is finally dead

Or at least our websites are.  The websites and have been end of lifed.  The SDK docs available on the ESP MSDN library page are still available.  This page also archives some of our whitepapers and sample code links.

Tim “Beatle” Gregson