Lockheed Martin licenses Microsoft ESP IP

Today, Lockheed Martin announced it has licensed Microsoft’s ESP platform to build new simulation solutions.  This is part of what I’ve been doing the last 9 months since the ACES studio shut down, working with the team that handled the licensing deal.

See the Microsoft PressPass Press Release and this TechFlash blog post for more info.  I’ll post more links as I come across them.

Tim “Beatle” Gregson


One Comment on “Lockheed Martin licenses Microsoft ESP IP”

  1. M says:

    Tim, this is simply awesome. I\’m not sure if we met at DevCon in Seattle in 2007, but I\’m the guy who made the lunar add-on for FS2004 (TerraBuilder:Moon). Currently I am, along with a few developers, working on a spaceflight module for FSX, and all this time I was always wondering why is it that the "big guys" don\’t buy into an ESP platform, as it seems to be a perfect sim base. Well now I feel vindicated. Please feel free to mention to your L-M contact what we\’re doing (www.terrabuilder.com), as I am sure there could be some cool synnergy there.Regards,Misho Katulic

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