Flying in the Cloud

I know what some of you are thinking, shouldn’t there be an ‘s’ on the end of that title – well, in this case, no, since I’m not referring to the white fluffy things in the sky, instead I’m referring to the Windows Azure cloud environment :->.  Specifically I’m referring to my new Silverlight SimConnect client showcase site hosted on Windows Azure, available here:

See the home page for instructions on setting up your FSX or ESP environment to allow connections from a Silverlight SimConnect Client.  The site also has download links for the latest release of my new Managed SimConnect SDK (Beta 2 at present) and the needed Silverlight Policy File Server program.

The site currently has these 3 applications available:

  • BBDashboard – this shows 4 simple “gauges” in a 2×2 grid
  • BBMovingMap – this one shows the user aircraft and AI Object locations on a Virtual Earth map control, including track lines
  • BBTrax – currently this one allows connecting to multiple FSX/ESP instances and dsiplaying them on a Virtual Earth map control.  Eventually I plan to enhance this program to support uploading your position data to cloud storage, and download others position information from cloud storage, making for a FlightAware style display, but I have to finish learning WCF first :->

See ya in the cloud, and the clouds.

Tim “Beatle” Gregson


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