New Microsoft ESP OnLine Resources

Hey All,

I’m a little late with this news, but Todd, our Developer Evangelist, has been hard at work getting lots of new resources for Microsoft ESP developers online.  We now have our own MSDN Microsoft ESP Developer Center, which includes:

and if you have an MSDN subscription, you can also download the ESP runtime and SDK from the Subscriber’s Download area (I’d provide a link, but my subscription expired and my renewal hasn’t gone through yet :-> ).

Over time we’ll be adding additional content to the ESP Developer Center (I’ve got a couple of samples I need to get cleaned up a little so Todd can post them), so check back often (the team blog and forum area both have RSS feeds available).

I want to draw a little extra attention to the SDK docs being online.  For those of you who bought the Standard version of FSX or those who just don’t want to install the whole SDK, you can now lookup the format and options available in the various configuration files (aircraft.cfg, panel.cfg, etc) online.  If you are trying to find the Microsoft ESP section within the MSDN online docs, just remember that we are under the "Servers and Enterprise Developement" top-level section :->



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