ESP in the news

I’ve got another round of ESP news articles for ya.

Business Week

This one is a little old, from back in December, but if you haven’t seen it yet, take a look:

Business Week ESP Article

I particularly like the part about Northrup Grumman using ESP to create a prototype/Proof of Concept on page 2 of the article, since I got to spend a week up in Reston, VA working with this team to pull this off :->  I doubt every Service Provider who uses ESP is going to get a week of my time to help them out, but it was a lot of fun and they were a great group of developers to work with.

Training & Simulation Journal has 2 articles on ESP:

First TSJOnline article – this one mentions Lockheed Martin and FlightSafety have signed up as partners.

Second TSJOnline article – this one is a more general article on Microsoft entering the Visual Sim market.

Games Developer Conference / Serious Games Summit

This next one is an article on Gamasutra about the GDC / SGS last week in San Francisco and the Microsoft ESP presence there – you even get to see a picture of our studio head, Shawn :->

GDC / SGS coverage

Microsoft MSDN

For those of you with a Microsoft MSDN account, you can now download the ISOs for Microsoft ESP for testing purposes from the MSDN Subscriber downloads section.

Microsoft ESP Home Page

Our home page has been updated with a short demo video, click and enjoy :->


That’s all for now, till next time

Tim "Beatle" Gregson


2 Comments on “ESP in the news”

  1. Unknown says:

    Hi Tim,
    I am working on a FSX addon and would like to make sure that it works with ESP too.
    1) Can I install ESP on the same machine as FSX ?
    2) When I login to MSDN, I can see and download the ESP ISOs, but ESP is not listed on the page with the registration/activation keys. Do I need a unique or general key ? Which MSDN level is required ? (I have MSDN with VS Pro).
    3) Which FSX version is the closest one to ESP 1.0 regarding codebase / content / SDK ? I assume FSX Deluxe SP2 + Acceleration ?

  2. Beatle's says:

    Hi Martin,
    1) Yes, you can install ESP on the same machine as FSX.
    2) We don\’t require activation keys for ESP.
    3) Yes, ESP is currently close to FSX + Acceleration (which includes SP1 & SP2).

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