Microsoft ESP Buzz

We’ve posted case studies from a couple of our launch partners on the ESP Website.  They are located on the Resources page.

Adacel MaxSim Flight Trainer

The first one, from Adacel, is a .DOC file describing their MaxSim Flight Trainer program.  I’m going to quote the Executive Overview paragraph here, because it really says it all about what ESP is, but do go read the entire Case Study Document.

Adacel wanted to be first to market with an integrated flight and air traffic control (ATC) simulation solution for flight schools not served by multi-million dollar offerings. It created the MaxSim Flight Trainer based on its own speech-driven Air Traffic Control simulation technology and the Microsoft® ESP™ visual simulation platform. Adacel created the integrated solution in just three weeks with a single developer, and produced a rich, immersive flight simulation experience that it estimates would have taken millions of dollars and months of work to create from scratch. The extensive after-market of add-ons for Microsoft ESP helps to ensure that Adacel and its customers can easily extend the simulation. And the low-cost Windows® hardware on which it runs helps to ensure that the MaxSim Flight Trainer is more cost-effective, scalable, and transportable than traditional, proprietary offerings.

Acron Capability Engineering

The second one, from Acron, is a Windows Media Video file produced by Acron describing the ways they are using Microsoft ESP.  Here’s a link to some news/press releases from Acron, including information about a couple of support products they will be offering including a 3D modeling program and a HLA interface for Microsoft ESP.

Northrop Grumman

This one isn’t on our Resources page, but Northrop Grumman has put out a Press Release announcing they will be using Microsoft ESP as part of their C4ISR Route and Mission planning system.  In fact, I’ll be up in Reston, VA all next week, at the Microsoft Technology Center, helping them work on a Proof of Concept for this.


Well, that’s all the case studies/press releases I’ve come across so far, will post again as I find more of these.



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