I’ve got ESP …

No, I can’t tell what you are thinking (but stop thinking that or you’ll go blind :-> ), I’m talking about Microsoft ESP (ww.microsoft.com/esp) of course.  What is Microsoft ESP I hear you asking (and no, really, I don’t read minds), well, I’ll let the Press Release answer that as its much better at it than I could be.  And just why am I bringing this up (besides the fact that we just announced the new product today), why because I just transferred to the ESP team a couple of weeks ago of course.  I see great things in the future (and I promise that’s the last cheap ESP joke, for this post at least :->).
Well, Simulation DevCon 2007 has come and gone now, and from everything I heard both during the DevCon and since it seems to have been a great success (big kudos to the AVSim folks for organizing all the conference logistics).  If you happened to hear there were some announcements at the DevCon that weren’t allowed out in public, well see the first paragraph for info about one of them that is now public :->
FanCon immediately followed the DevCon, and also seemed to be well received by those in attendence, although I got to admit, I was pretty much conferenced out after the DevCon and was sorta dragging through the FanCon part.  I did get one of the Vuzix VR920 VR goggles to play with though (more on that after I’ve had some time with it).  Lots of cool stuff on display including several different styles of motion platforms including muscle powered, electric actuators, and hydraulic based systems (don’t recall seeing any pnuematic based systems though).
Welp, I gotta get to sleep.  If the Microsoft ESP link above doesn’t work, try it again later, we’re experiencing some technical difficulties at the moment :->

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