On the Road Again …

… I don’t have to wait to get back on the road again, as I’m on it right now :->.  I’m currently in Grinnell, IA, about to start my second day of a 3 day drive from Virginia to Seattle/Redmond, Washington for both some direct work related stuff and the AVSIM conference next weekend.  If all goes well, I should be in Ogden, UT by the time I stop tonight.
I’ll try to remember to post some updates here about the conference, that way I’ll have updates that are less than 6 months apart :->
And just to give the post a little Flight Sim-ness, a hint/feature for folks with the XPack and enjoying the online racing feature, wouldn’t it be nice to see each individual lap time?  Well, while viewing the in-game version of the race results screen (ie the semi-see through version you get right after crossing the finish line), if you right click on a users name in the list, that item will expand out to show all the lap times, right clicking again will collapse that line back to normal.
Well, gotta get back on the road again, Salt Lake Cit or BUST :->

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