Two posts in one month :->

Hey all,

Well, a second post within one month, will wonders never cease :->.  (OK, technically the last post was Dec 30th, but that’s less than 30 days ago :->).

Band Stuff is going fairly well, although I’m still playing catchup on a few of the songs, but its getting there (and the others all sound great, so that just makes me sound better :->).  We’re currently getting ready for our first public gig at Box Seats in Stafford County, VA next Saturday (Jan 27 2007), if you are in the area, drop on by for a rockin’ show (Dirty Jack … When you gotta have it LOUD -n- DIRTY) and/or checkout our website for other upcoming dates.

And for some Flight Sim related stuff, work on Service Pack 1 is still continuing (I’ve got my SP1 fixes checked in already – MP hosts will be glad to hear they should be able to boot players from their game once SP1 is out in the wild) and there’s lots of other activity going on in the team (some of which we should be able to talk about in the near future :->).

And from the wierd weather department, a couple of days ago it was over 70 degrees here in VA and humid as heck (I was this close to turning the A/C on :->) and today its about 40.  Of course, that’s nothing compared to all the snow, ice, and wind storms my co-workers out in the Seattle area have been fighting through the last few weeks.  Drive careful out there guys and gals, I don’t want to inherit your code :->

Well, so long until next time


Tim "Beatle" Gregson


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