Repost from old blog – Original Post Date: November 10, 2005

Department of Prognostication – The demise of Sony/BMG

OK, this may be more wishful thinking than prognostication :->.  Why am I predicting/wishing for the demise of Sony/BMG?  Well, if you haven’t already seen this elsewhere in the blogosphere, start with this article by Molly Wood on C|Net:

Apparently, Sony has come up with yet another stupid, ill-thought out (at least from the consumers standpoint, I’m sure it meets all of their requirements :->) DRM scheme to keep us from exercising our Fair-Use rights to the CD music we buy (in fact, the CDs come with a EULA that basically states that, like computer software, you are only licensing the right to use the music on the CD, not buying the CD outright).  The truly nasty part of this DRM scheme is that is uses a "root-kit" in order to hide the files used to implement the DRM scheme, and according to reports on the net, the hidden DRM software also "phones home" to Sony, sending along what CD and track you are playing and the IP address of the computer that is playing it.  As if that wasn’t bad enough, attempting to remove this malware from your computer can permanently trash your Windows OS install from a minimum of disabling the CD-ROM drive in your computer up to causing the computer not to be able to reboot anymore.  Also, the root-kit that they install can be used by other malware-types to hide their own files without them even having to ship/install their own rootkit on your computer.

From what I’ve read, its quite likely that this DRM scheme will be found to violate several existing US and international computer fraud statutes – I find it humorous that in Sony’s attempts to keep us from breaking the law, they have resorted to breaking the law themselves, and hope that if they are found to be breaking the law the various courts go after them with gusto :-> (apparently there is already investigation underway in Italy relating to this).

So, when shopping for CD’s for your loved ones this holiday season (or personal/home electronics devices for that matter), "Just Say No" to Sony/BMG.

Well, enough ranting for now :->, I should get back to work.

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# re: Department of Prognostication – The demise of Sony/BMG

I think the situation is horrible, but I honestly believe that Sony is mostly guilty of ignorance, as opposed to malice.
Sony isn’t a software company. They probably knew they wanted some kind of DRM protect, they licensed the software to do it, and away they shipped.
I believe they’re most likely guilty of not completely understanding the situation they got themselves in.

Thursday, November 10, 2005 5:53 PM by Vincent


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